Hi! I'm Adrienne,


Movement Specialist.
Creator. Composer.

I'm dedicated to helping you 
move from surviving to thriving through the art of embodied learning.

Hi! I'm Adrienne,

Movement Therapist.
Creator. Musician.

I'm dedicated to helping you 
move from surviving to thriving through the art of embodied learning.

I'm thrilled to share this digi- learning studio, a place to experience the gift of connecting to one's vital nature, a feeling self in a moving body.

With our live digital classes, coursework and self study programs, I help people like you access the very source of your vitality through sensory motor learning, and put it to use in whatever you want to do in your life.


I'm often asked

“How did you get into this work?”

Since my earliest childhood, grown-ups with problems were in my play space. From the age of 4, I accompanied my opera singing Mom and sculptor step-dad to their meetings for alcoholics seeking recovery. Redemptive stories of pain, God and creative transformation were vividly etched into my young neuroplastic brain. The takeaway? People can shift, re-set, figure out solutions, and do and be anything. 

As an adult I have spent much of my energy learning to create an authentic fulfilling life. After a few unhappy stabs at corporate jobs, I jumped ship to follow the mantra: do what you love!

Autonomous learning has always been my biggest strength. For instance, I can play piano, compose music, write songs. I can sing and play drums simultaneously. I’ve made movies and starred in musical theater. I can write television and movie scripts and HTML code, stand on my head, meditate, tap dance, and teach yoga. Indeed, I can learn to do many things! Do what you love! 

None of this made me happy, or helped me love myself. The truth is I never felt like I belonged anywhere. Not even in my own body.


What I really wanted, more than anything else, was to feel at home in myself and the world. 


After years of anxiety figuring out what I wanted to do, I realized I had been chasing the wrong question. It wasn’t about doing more, better, or differently. The real question is:

Who am I? Who is the doer?

Pursuing this inquiry led me to the somatic movement practices of Moshe Feldenkrais. I found a practical tool to awaken embodied awareness, and to connect to a deep inner perceptual dimension. A curtain lifted and I felt the enormity of love, creative power and wholeness.  I found myself. I was home. 

I changed my life. I trained with a brilliant teacher, Anat Baniel, and created a thriving NeuroMovement® practice working with adults as well as children with special needs. This work of shaping and refining our human being-ness is truly an act of love.

With embodied learning I've transformed my chronic pain, helped change the brains of babies with special needs, and helped hundreds of people overcome pain, dysfunctions, trauma, anxiety and depression.  The reality is that you can develop, reshape and refine yourself as you go, at any age. You are always a work-in-progress.  

We have the capacity to unveil the hidden distortions that separate us from ourselves. 

Embodied learning is the organic process of doing just that. You can free the spark of life. You can recover your vitality and independence. Learning through feeling is our biological nature. You can use it to shape the life you want. I am here to provide you guidance and tools in that endeavor. 

So let's talk about you.

What vision do you hold for yourself? What limitations do you wish to resolve? I created Moovy for your well being. We are here to support your journey. Everything we do, from live classes to courses, is designed to provide tools to lead you down the path of your self awakening, discovery, recovery and creation. 


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