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The Secret to Slow, Part 2

Apr 06, 2022

In the previous post, we talked about the qualities of what's referred to in psychology as System #2 thinking, the function of your brain's slow-acting, conscious thinking ability. 

I call it your Inner Director. In the show of your life, it functions much as The Director of any show.  It consciously guides your system.

In this post, we'll explore System #1, your fast-acting brain, which is what you use most of the time.

Then you'll learn how you can apply this knowledge to enhance and accelerate your own neuroplasticity! 


Answer this question:

What's your name? 


Notice that your brain instantly produces a response? You don't have to think about it. Your answer is automatic.


Say hello to System #1, your fast-acting brain! 


Meet the  Cast and Crew of Thinking Fast

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In keeping with my favorite movie metaphors, I call the fast thinking system: the cast n crew.


In doing the job of cast n crew, your brain is an efficient workhorse, taking care of everything behind the scenes, as well as performing the show.

This means doing quick, familiar, skilled, and repetitive actions. It also means taking care of safety on the set, putting out fires, and protecting you from danger. 

This is where you get to sit back and enjoy the payoff of what you know how to do. 

You've learned enough to get the job done. You’ve memorized your lines. You can troubleshoot problems fast because you've done this a million times before.

The downside is, that you've also picked up some bad habits and methods along the way. Your fast-acting brain doesn't judge the quality of your actions. It just does what it already knows how to do. 

I refer to this as your inner “cast and crew” because it's a big production.

Your brain is drawing from a vast network of diverse working patterns that are happening fast. So fast, in fact, that they become linked into a synergistic wave of coordinated action, moving all at once. Like a show! 


You can talk on the phone, take a walk and yell at your dog at the same time. No new thinking is required. It's all happening but you’re not paying attention to any one thing. You're just swept along in the wave of action, relying on what you know and for the most part,  things seem to work out fine. 


The fast-thinking brain works on quick autopilot, taking in experiential impressions and sensations and associating them with a memory bank of actions, beliefs, and decisions based on past experiences. 

You’ve had enough rehearsals to just do the job.

Your fast brain wants you to hurry up and get this show on the road! 

So these are the 2 ways your brain is constantly working when you're not asleep. Slow and Fast. You as Director, and You as Cast n crew. 

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And here’s the drama:


Even though you tend to associate The Director as the one in charge, the cast n crew are really running the show most of the time. (You can thank your inner production team!)

That’s why it can be so hard to go slow in a Moovy movement lesson. Because your inner cast n crew are well trained to be fast and efficient, ready to perform the job, just like always. They're highly organized, influential, and set in their ways. They even have a union! 

But guess what? At Moovy, that’s not the game. This is not the part where we're performing the show. 

This is the creative design stage! This is where we're actually training the cast n crew.

At The Moovy studio, we're here to create new patterns through new movement experiences. In other words, we're here to learn!

Under the guidance of the inner Director, your conscious slow-acting brain, you’re essentially creating the conditions for new knowledge to form.

Imagine this phase like this:  You as The Director are in pre-production, doing the creative work with your production team. You're developing scripts, designing sets, rehearsing lines, mapping choreography, and working with actors on character development. You're experimenting, shaping, and refining your skills in new ways. You're nurturing your team to use their talents and develop new skills to help shape your vision. 

The big picture here is that you're training yourself to perform better, with more skill, efficiency, wisdom, and elegance in the act of you living out the story of your life.

This is your role of a lifetime!


Consciousness is your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

Do you see how valuable moving slow is?


Your capacity to slow down so you can leverage your inner Director is your position of great power when you learn how to use it. It's a path to mastery.  


The extra superpower of your slow inner Director is that you can use yourself as a  guidance system to retrain your inner cast n crew

This is one of the most powerful ways that you can use your brain.

You can use your brain to change itself.


Movement fast is performing what you already know.

Moving slowly as you form novel interesting patterns of coordination awakens consciousness, allowing you to develop brand new ways of using your body and your mind in action. 

 And that's what the Moovy Studio is for! 

Our 6-day Posture Rescue series is a great way to quickly supercharge bodybrain changes through movement.

And coming in April 2022, our newest project UNA, will provide you with a way to develop your skills on regular consistent basis. Stay tuned!






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