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This mini-series is perfect for you if you're experiencing stiffness, neck back, shoulder and hip aches, if you sit a lot for your work, if your interests put you in demanding positions, if you're stressed out, or you just want to experience more movement freedom and energy.

Inside the Mini-Series you'll get:

  • Six 20 Minute Moovy Movement Video Tutorials
  • Detailed User Guide
  • Setup Checklist
  • Guided Introductions to Movement Tutorials
  • Movement Action Principles Training
  • Posture Rescue To Go Box
  • Access to future upgrades included!
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What People Are Saying:

I felt calmer and more quiet inside and more connection in my whole body as I stood, sat, and walked.

I felt no effort with standing, no thought process going on...just being on my feet and stacked vertically.

I love that the lessons were only 20 minutes. I was able to stay focused and interested in each lesson and felt more movement with less discomfort each day.

I like the slow movement and the time to feel what I am doing. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I have a moderate scoliosis and now I feel longer, more upright without using effort to be hold myself upright.

So often I can fall into collapse or slouch. It was almost impossible to go there.