Are you working yourself stiff?


Do you want an easy way to quickly relieve chronic tension and pain while improving your posture with no stretching or exercise 
in just 6 days, 20 minutes a day?





An innovative series
of 6 x 20 minute daily
regenerative movement tutorials

For sedentary creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, business pros and anyone seeking to restore 
healthy natural posture.
 Maybe you're building your business online, meeting heavy project demands, or just trying to survive the anxiety of living through these challenging times.


That's why I've created Posture Rescue.

This 6 day mini-series of 20 minute expert guided therapeutic tutorials 
will help you gently free your tension and restore healthy movement to your neck, back and spine. This easy to use innovative program leverages your brain to effortlessly retune your body. 

If you're ready to break free from the grip of aches and pains while supercharging your well being, we'll help you help yourself, the intelligent way. 


ONLY $89
$47 sale today!

Fascinating and liberating!
Between editing podcasts, working with clients and sitting at my computer, I get stiff and achy. After doing this series, my back, pelvis and head seemed to magically line up without any effort. I can't believe how much the movement affected my neck range of motion. I will recommend this series to my clients who want to feel better and move better! Thank you Adrienne! 


Carol Blueweiss
Doctor of  Physical Therapy,
Wisdom Shared Podcaster

Hi, I'm Adrienne and I'm sharing what I've learned from over 20 years as a movement specialist, helping students resolve months and often years of pain, limitations, and poor habits in just weeks, days, and sometimes in minutes. My clients call it magic, and some even call me the voodoo lady. The fact is, it's method, not magic.

In Posture Rescue,  I guide you through the same process that gets remarkable results for my clients.

In this innovative series of 6 x 20 minute daily video tutorials, I take you step by step through gentle simple movement repertoires that transform unconscious chronic neuromuscular habits causing your aches, pain and poor posture, to restore your movement freedom.

Whether you're looking to reduce anxiety, relieve pain or gain mobility, this mini-series will retune your movements in just six days. So you can enjoy doing you! 

ONLY $89 
$47 sale today!

If you've been putting in your 10,000 hours sitting, bending, scrolling, typing, hunching, schlepping and stressing to master the things you're good at, you may feel like your body is paying the price. Being stiff in the morning, vulnerable to injury, aging beyond your years does not have to be your new normal.  Unfortunately, exercise, stretching and massage won't counteract the effects of your unconscious movement habits. But there is something that will.
And that's the difference between conventional fitness fixes, and what I'll teach you in Posture Rescue. 


This is an innovative, proven, creative, brain based solution to improving posture habits.  No mindless workouts. No boring stretches. Gentle and enjoyable guided tutorials leverage brain neuroplasticity to restore your natural movement intelligence, 20 movement learning minutes at a time. Just press play and enjoy moving. You'll begin feeling differences from day one. 


I've learned what works through over two decades of experimenting, training, teaching, clinical experience and my own personal healing journey. Channeling a brilliant NeuroMovement process into a short focused six- day approach is what I've developed in my practice to get the quickest outcomes with my clients. 

Get the same tools to help yourself:


  • Move through 6 x 20 minute daily video tutorials that guide you step by step through a gentle simple movement awareness repertoire to transform the unconscious chronic neuromuscular habits that cause your aches, pain and poor posture. 
  • Gain the skills to develop new and better emotional, physical and mental responses, with tools you can use for life.
  • Learn proprietary M.A.P. principles for activating neuromuscular change and releasing tension habits on-demand.


Yes, you can feel like the real you again.

6 days from now, 
this could be you too.

(actual feedback from my clients)

 "My spine feels straighter." 
"I have less lower back pain and pressure."
"My shoulders are hanging freely now."
"My hips feel unlocked."  
"I feel realigned."
"I feel so loose, like a puppet on a string."
"I feel more grounded, and connected to the floor."
"I have a totally new frame of mind about what my body can do." 
If you're already breathing deeper, that's your nervous system saying yes
In Posture Rescue, I'll show you how to rewire your brain and body to unwind your chronic tension and reclaim your natural posture. So you can show up more present in your

Big, Bad, Beautiful Self

and your



 By the end of this 6 day series you will feel more:






In only 20 movement minutes a day!


ONLY $89 
$47 sale today!




I'm a Movement Therapist, as well as business owner, composer, drummer and musician. For over two decades I’ve been in the business of helping people learn to develop their own unique abilities, from babies with brain damage to artists, yogis, autistics and acrobats. 

It's common for people to find me after they've tried "everything else."  It pains me to hear someone say, when they feel a difference in just a few sessions: "I wish I'd known about this sooner." How much time did they lose? Too much. 

You may not be aware that when we leverage the brain's neuroplasticity for learning movement, remarkable whole body changes occur, instantly. With just a little practice, the new becomes the norm.

Now, more than ever, we need smart simple DIY strategies to recover balance to our overloaded nervous systems. I created Posture Rescue so that you have the tools for transformation at your fingertips.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can improve when you take the right kind of action. I know it's in you to do, and I'll show you how to do it. 

6 days, 20 minutes a day isn't a challenge. It's a compassionate gift from you to yourself.




Learn how to use this series to get the best outcomes. Breeze into the Day 1 Module if you choose.

DAY 1 


Spinal Length

Release deeply held tension patterns to begin restoring the natural length of your spine.

DAY 2 


Spinal Length and the Core Connection

Release chronic tension along the spine. Coordinate the muscles of the body center. 

DAY 3 


Pelvis, Core and the Spinal Chain

Mobilize your pelvic muscles to release chronic tension in your chest, abdomen and lower back.

DAY 4 


3 Dimensions of Movement

Organize the movement of your pelvis and spine for better upright postures.

DAY 5 


Mobilizing The Neck

Free neck tension, gain more flexibility in your trunk and spine + a simple brain imaging technique to quicken learning.

DAY 6 


Turning Around an Axis

Gain the functional freedom to twist and turn your whole body easily + Integrate your learning. 



+ Moovy M.A.P.S.
Movement Action Principles shift habitual posture distortions.

+To-Go Box 
Your 6 single serving movement tutorials in one easy access snack pack.




The Posture Rescue Bundle Features


  • Time Worthy Content Design. Takes no more than 20 minutes to complete each lesson.

  • Visually Driven Course Platform. Intuitive, easy to follow, and offers an aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

  • Audio Guided Movement Blueprints. Screen-free learning gives you freedom to move and amplifies internal movement sensing.

  • High Fidelity Audio Recordings. Professional quality audio creates a clear and relaxed movement learning experience.
  • Video Avatar.  Models movements for extra learning support.

  • App Version. Available to take on the road and on the go.

  • Experienced Guidance.
    Adrienne Penebre has spent over two decades teaching self awareness through movement. She draws from a deep well of professional training and hands-on experience.
  • Tested by Experts. We rigorously vetted and tested this series by a team of four somatic movement professionals to design a product that makes good on its intention.
ONLY $89 
$47 sale today!


Whether you're a business or creative professional, this series is perfect for anyone who seeks to improve comfort and restore movement freedom to counteract the effects of work that requires extended periods of sitting. Great for designers, programmers, writers, project managers, producers, editors, composers,  online therapists & coaches. It's also great for restoring healthy movement if your role puts you in demanding physical positions, such as a photographer, musician, actor, painter, gardener, craftsperson, artist, movement teacher, parent.  


"Adrienne shares very generously her vast amount of knowledge, yet distills it down to easily understandable bites of information for the student.
I truly enjoyed Adrienne's Posture Rescue course during a time of intense hip pain flare up. The lessons are short, yet deep and profound, with a very informed impact on the whole nervous system. The materials were AWESOME, visually interesting and very beautiful. It feels different from any other online course I’ve taken like this. I noticed that my pelvis started to slowly become a bit more mobile every day so that in the end it felt much better to move again.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


Verena Kurz
ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner, Occupational Therapist
Even my vision is clearer.
I feel so much better and look forward to exploring the lessons again. My posture is more upright and without effort. I feel calmer, more quiet internally and much more alive and vibrant.  Adrienne has a very unique, personable and welcoming teaching style. She brilliantly designed this series.


Suzi Marks
Somatic Practitioner,  Educator, Master Trainer
Mindful Movement Chicago

Fascinating and liberating!
Between editing podcasts, working with clients and sitting at my computer, I get stiff and achy. After doing this series, my back, pelvis and head seemed to magically line up without any effort. I can't believe how much the movement affected my neck range of motion. I will recommend this series to my clients who want to feel better and move better! Thank you Adrienne! 


Carole Blueweiss
Doctor of  Physical Therapy, Wisdom Shared Podcaster
The evidence of the lessons really working is found in my everyday activities.
I took a long mountain hike after doing this series. I literally felt like I was a mountain goat! It was an effortless uphill and downhill hiking experience. All parts of me were available, responsive and willing. I felt space in my spine and a very fluid feeling in walking and moving. Woohoo!!! I feel soooo good! 


Shannon Kennedy
Anu Well Being, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions
From Adrienne:

Healthy posture is the outcome of learning how to interact with nature's laws.



ONLY $89 
$47 sale today!

Praise from Students

My biggest takeaway is that my body can still learn, can still heal itself. And there's things out there that my body knows it needs to remember.

-Cara Boni

Adrienne has changed my life in helping me deal with chronic pain - freeing me from chiropractic care, massage therapy and pain medicine.

-D'Ann Letieri

I struggled with my neck in the last year. That was stressful. But I felt looser at the end of the series. Something good has transpired.

-Mike Matejevich



Relieve chronic tension and pain
while improving your posture without stretching or exercise
in just 6 days, 20 minutes a day.


ONLY $89 
$47 sale today!