From Whining to Winning: Your Grown-Up "Roll" with Somatic Learning

Season #1

Tired of feeling stuck in old patterns? Wish you could navigate life with more confidence and ease? This video is for YOU! Join movement specialist Adrienne as she shares a story about a baby who discovers a powerful life lesson: we all have the capacity to learn and grow, no matter our age. In this video, you'll learn: -How somatic learning (learning through movement) can help you overcome limitations and unlock a more vibrant life. -Why the simple act of rolling can have surprising benefits for adult development. -How to reorganize your nervous system for better balance, coordination, and reduced fear of falling. -How to build confidence and a sense of accomplishment through movement exploration. Are you ready to: Break free from outdated patterns that hold you back? Embrace change with a newfound sense of possibility? Discover your own unique ability to "roll" through life's challenges? Then listen up!