I'm me. Adrienne.


Movement Specialist, Genius Guide.

Here to help you move in your genius.

So what's your story?

Mine's been a wild ride.


Unconventional childhood? Been there.

Trauma? Yep.

Chronic pain? Check that box.

Complex family? Uh-huh.

Other? Always.


But here's the plot twist: these weren't detours, they were signposts.

They pointed me towards a powerful truth: my inherent "genius," that unique essence that has always been, and will always be, mine. I've learned that the chapters in your life story don't define you. They're more like scenes in a movie, a narrative leading you to discover your character's spirit...

Call it your vital essence. Your life force.


Your genius.


For over two decades, I've witnessed countless transformations through movement. With my mindbody movement classes, a thriving NeuroMovement practice, and online programs reaching folks worldwide, I help people ignite the genius spark within. For some it's a Eureka! moment. For others it's a gradual shedding of the limitations of false beliefs, connecting with their inherent brilliance. First this happens:

Healing pain, changing habits, discovering strength, recovering health, taking new actions, figuring things out.

And that leads to this:

Awakening new dreams.

The Greeks called it daimon, the Romans, "genius." When it awakens, clarity emerges: "This is who I am, what I'm meant to do, what I must have."

Jungian psychologist James Hillman beautifully captured this idea with his 'acorn theory': Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. 

NeuroMovement offers the tools and practices to help you uncover this image, beyond labels and words, awakening to the feeling that is yours alone. The Embodied You.

This is the essence of your "genius" - the vital spark that calls you into life.


Here are just a few ways that I can help you move in your genius:

  • Feeling like your body isn't keeping up with what you want to do? I'll show you the groundbreaking learning strategies I use to help people overcome pain and recover vibrancy, health, and flexibility, no matter their age, condition, or physical ability. No sweat required! 
  • Yearning for a sustainable practice that sharpens your body and mind, for life? I'll guide you through a holistic system for developing natural movement ease, strength and vitality, without stretching or exerciseat any age

  • Seeking a way to reduce aches and recover your sense of vibrancy and connection? I'll help you restore yourself with a movement series that nourishes your body and mind.

Movement is the language of the brain.


-Anat Baniel

This wasn't my plan.


When I started this journey, I was a full-time film music composer, touring rock and roll drummer, and yoga teacher with an interest in spirituality. I explored somatic work to improve my yoga teaching, and to learn how to heal my chronic back pain and crippling foot pain. 

In hindsight, my genius whispered guidance. It nudged me towards helping others, sharing knowledge, and celebrating uniqueness. Take responsibility it said. Be useful. I chased performing arts, but the fit felt off. What truly sparked joy was creating solutions, not applause.

When I trained in NeuroMovement, I was thrown into a brave new world of neuroplasticity and human potential. I witnessed miraculous recoveries, healing, and transformations. I saw the lame walk and babies heal. It's changed how I see everything. It’s redefined my life ever since. My genius found a path, calling me forth to step into bigger shoes. I let go of my old life and created a new one.


My mission is to help you ignite your genius. 

The principles and movements I'll guide you through are the same strategies I use to get remarkable outcomes with my clients. They are the keys to reshaping your brain, breaking free from limiting patterns, and awakening to a world of new possibilities. I'm here to empower you to defy your expectations and enjoy a life that vibrates with the brilliance you are meant to express. Your genius.




My first awareness that I remember is this: I'm a child in a grown up's world.

My parents, an opera singing Mom and a sculptor Stepdad, were alcoholics. Chaos and crisis was our normal.  I was along for the wild ride through their addiction and their recovery. 

I was the little fuzzy headed 4 year old at the bar drinking root beer. I was the observant 7 year old in the back of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, inhaling second hand smoke, enraptured by stories of healing, pain, and profound personal growth. We didn't have a TV set. This was real live drama. I always felt I had been dropped into this child's story for a reason I would later understand. I felt like an old soul.

These early experiences showed me that we have the capacity to change, not just what we do, but how we do it. I saw what it meant to be defined by our habits. And to break free from them.

Nothing in my childhood felt solid- it was all liquid, a shape shifting of places, identities, relationships, ideas. If I could choose one word to define the theme of my childhood, it's change.

As an adult, I pursued my quest for an unconventional life of my own making. After a brief dry taste of the corporate world, I embraced the mantra: "Do what you love!" This led me down a path of exploration – television producer, music composer, rock drummer, yoga teacher. While I excelled at acquiring skills, something fundamental was missing.

Years of searching led me to a crucial question: Who am I, the "doer" behind all these "doings"? What is the nature of change?

This introspection led me to the transformative practice of The Feldenkrais Method of somatic movement education. Here, I found a way to cultivate embodied awareness and connect to a deeper inner wisdom. It wasn't just about the movement itself, but the way I moved - the subtle nuances, revealing unconsciously held beliefs and patterns.

For the first time, I felt a profound sense of self-awareness. The way I moved revealed the way I approached life, and gave me the means to reshape how I did that. By becoming conscious of the "how," I began to witness the unchanging "who." It felt like finding my long lost best friend-the person I remember being in this baby picture. That old soul.

Inspired, I changed my life. I trained with a brilliant teacher, Anat Baniel, and created a thriving NeuroMovement® practice working with adults as well as children with special needs. This work of shaping and refining our human being-ness is truly an act of love. We become uncovered, set free, our unique essence revealed.

Today, I offer self study online programs here at the Moovy Studio, giving people the guidance, tools and content to meet that genius in themselves.

With embodied learning I've transformed my chronic pain, helped change the brains of babies with special needs, and helped hundreds of people overcome pain, dysfunctions, trauma, anxiety and depression.  The reality is that you can develop, reshape and refine yourself as you go, at any age. You're always a work-in-progress.  

I have a feeling you too are looking for that kind of awakening in your life. 


We have the capacity to unveil the hidden distortions that separate us from ourselves. Your genius isn't something you do, it's who you already are. 

You can free the spark of life. You can recover your vitality and trust your independence. Learning through feeling is our biological nature. You can use it to shape the life you want. I'm here to provide you guidance and tools in that endeavor. 

All it requires from you is the desire to learn how.

So let's talk about you.

What vision do you hold for yourself? What limitations do you wish to resolve? I created Moovy for your well being. We are here to support your journey. Everything we do, from live classes to courses, is designed to provide tools to lead you down the path of your self awakening, discovery, recovery and creation. 

As soon as you trust yourself,

you will know how to live.


-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To me, Moovy is so much more than a business. 

It's a way of being, seeing and dreaming. I created this from my genius to call out yours. I truly believe that the world we want to see needs people who are willing to turn dreams into actions.

I know we can all do better, and big problems don't require big changes. What we need are small changes that make big impacts.

Movement lessons turn that into a tangible experience. And the same systems principles we learn on the floor are those being used to solve even the largest scale problems.

Maybe if we all started with a little Moovy, we could create a ripple effect of positive change, one small movement at a time.

I have lots of good free stuff to get your head in the game! But the best thing to do is start an embodied experience for yourself. 

I hope to see you on the floor!


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