Find Calm in Motion: Discover the Transformative Power of Bodymind Exercises.

Are you feeling stressed out and in need of relief? 


This complimentary 3-lesson mini-series offers you the opportunity to relieve stress and pain as you gently improve movement. Discover the transformative power of brain-body exercises to update old habits through a new movement learning experience.

Through our unique methodology, we can help you break free from limiting behaviors, by immersing yourself into an inner world of sensation, experimentation and re-organization - all designed to retrain your brain and restore health to your nervous system. 

The emphasis is on slow gentle, mindful movements,  as you learn how your body works - ultimately connecting more deeply with yourself.

It's just a little taste of what Moovy is here help you do: Love the way you move. 

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"I tried the free gift videos yesterday and today. They feel gentle, yet profound."

-Emily S.


"Marc and I did your free class this morning and we feel great! Gave us goosebumps!"

-Rachel R.