From Whining to Winning: How to Develop Your Grown-Up "Roll" and Embrace Change

confidence emotions movement May 02, 2024

Growing Young as You Mature

Have I ever told you the story of the baby who wouldn't roll over? 

My friend’s grandbaby wasn't rolling over, so she took her to our highly respected teacher for NeuroMovement® lessons. She was on our teacher’s table.  When the baby started crying for her mom, our teacher encouraged the parent to stay put. The Mom was struggling watching her baby cry for her…and wanting to rescue her from this lady who was standing between them

So the baby’s crying on the teacher’s mat, crying, and instead of rushing in, the teacher simply said, "Your Mama is right there. You can go to her. You can go to your Mom." Despite the baby’s cries and wails, with a little nudge and guidance from the teacher, the baby discovered she could indeed roll to reach her mama all on her own – such a huge and empowering accomplishment! Add the beginning of that baby rolling over on her own.


This story perfectly illustrates a powerful truth: we all have the capacity to learn and grow. Just like that baby and Mother, sometimes we get stuck in patterns that don't serve us anymore. Maybe it's relying on "cute" tactics to get our way, or maybe it's a fear of trying something new.

But what happens when the "cute" act no longer works? Imagine reaching mid-life and realizing the strategies that used to work no longer get you what you need. 

Suddenly, you're faced with a challenge: learning to "roll" in a new way.

This doesn't mean giving up on your needs! It simply means developing more mature and effective ways to communicate and advocate for yourself. Here's the good news:

  • You're not alone. We all face moments where we need to adapt and learn. I feel like I face this every day..
  • It's never too late. Just like the baby, you can learn new skills and develop new strengths at any age.
  • There's help available. Whether it's a supportive friend, a therapist, or a personal development course, there are resources to guide you on your developmental journey.


The Power of the Physical Roll

In my movement classes, learning to roll isn't just a metaphor for life, or about mimicking a baby's milestone. It's a foundational movement that can have surprising benefits for adult development too. Here's a little science behind it:


Nervous System Reorganization 

 The act of rolling integrates sensory information from your inner ear, muscles, and joints. This sensory integration helps rewire your nervous system, helps you develop proprioception and spatial awareness, and makes you less reactive and fearful of falling, one of the biggest fears for aging adults- and if you happen to be an adult, then you are aging! 

Confidence Boost

Mastering new movement skills builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This newfound confidence can translate to other areas of your life, making you more likely to tackle challenges and embrace change.

I can attest to this. I feel much more ambitious and confident now than I was before I went through my own developmental retraining through the process of NeuroMovement®. 

Anyway, the point is that staying stuck in outdated patterns can keep you trapped in a cage of "undeveloped infantilism." Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow! Who knows, you might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish when you discover your own unique ability to "roll."

Ready to start your journey? Consider joining us here at the Moovy studio and enrolling in one of my NeuroMovement® programs.

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