Facing Change

confidence happiness resilience Jan 24, 2024




A few months ago, I moved my life to a new state and a town which I had never visited. My husband and I intended to move to a small village about an hour away from here. 

 But, as we set our plan in motion, we realized we couldn't control everything to go exactly as planned. 


We knew what we wanted, but we didn’t know how exactly we would get there. 


So we decided to make our move an experiment, keeping our eyes open to the information we were learning along the way, with permission to change course. 


And we ended up someplace even better than we had planned for.

Change is the nature of life and learning how to be flexible to change is a life skill that’s vital to your ability to thrive. 

Here’s a brain and wisdom principle for reaching for your goals without stress, worry, and attachment to the outcome:


Hold your goals flexibly.


A fixed goal is the makings of a fixed mindset- it assumes there is only one way to achieve what you’re after, the opposite of creativity. Fixed goals come with rules, have-to-be’s, should-be’s and why-can’t-I’s.


Flexible goals set possibilities in motion, and create space for a shift in your point of view at any given moment. That’s the working of a flexible mind. 


You can create goals for your work, your relationships, your health, your home, for what you want to do or become in your life, and what you want to make for dinner, without attachment to the outcome. 


Instead, if you can remain flexible by putting your attention on the quality of the process you’re in, then even if the destination changes, you’re much more likely to enjoy the ride!


And that’s not failure. That’s freedom.


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