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How Your Brain-Gut Connection Shapes Your Emotions brain/gut emotions resilience Aug 23, 2023

For people dealing with injuries, chronic pain, trauma, or navigating neurodiverse experiences, emotions often become a central focus on the journey towards improved well-being. Emotions can act as vital signals, unveiling the intricate workings of their nervous system. Often misconstrued as...

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This is Your Brain in Fast Motion neuroplasticity resilience Oct 28, 2022

Your fast-acting brain is your workhorse, doing quick, familiar, skilled, and repetitive actions. It also protects you from danger. Learn how you can use your brain's fast and slow systems to enhance and accelerate your own neuroplasticity! 

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How to Boost Your Confidence: At Any Age confidence resilience Oct 07, 2022

Studies show that self-confidence peaks during middle age, and tends to decline after age 60.This is not great news for healthy aging! How can you upgrade your confidence? And how do you keep your confidence from rolling downhill, especially as you balance on the slippery slope of aging? 

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