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Is Your Brain Learning Pain? chronic pain neuroplasticity pain Jan 13, 2023

Chronic pain can sensitize your brain to send more pain signals. Learn how to break the pain cycle and regain control of your life.


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This is Your Brain in Fast Motion neuroplasticity resilience Oct 28, 2022

Your fast-acting brain is your workhorse, doing quick, familiar, skilled, and repetitive actions. It also protects you from danger. Learn how you can use your brain's fast and slow systems to enhance and accelerate your own neuroplasticity! 

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This is Your Brain in Slow Motion neuroplasticity Oct 21, 2022

Did you know you have a fast brain and a slow brain? Going slow is a crucial strategy for learning new information, and accelerating changes in the brain. What is about slow? Why is slow important, and why is often quite challenging to do?

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